The service can be used by authenticated users only. Currently it is configured to authenticate two types of users:

  1. users already registered in JINR users database (JINR UD for short) and who are able to use such service as JINR AFS, CICC, etc;
  2. registered in JPMS service (i.e. local relatively to that service users)

In order to be authenticated by JPMS a user registered in JINR UD has to enter his login and password used for accessing services mentioned above. After first successful authentication in JPMS the user has to fill out the web-form. Those users who are not JINR fellows or can't be registered in JINR UD for some reason have to write an email to pm[ at ] He has to provide the following information:

  1. "JPMS registration" in the email subject,
  2. his own first and last names,
  3. email if it differs from the one used to send that email,
  4. the reason he needs to be registered in JPMS (e.g. taking a part in "[Project name]").

If the user is JINR fellow then it is recommended to register in JINR UD. JINR UD registration procedure is identical to AFS or CICC ones since Kerberos is used for authentication in both of them.